World Airways DC-10
       I attended the U of O and graduated from UCSD with a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting & printmaking. The summer after college I worked for an international charter airline thinking it would be a short term summer job.  Boy, was I wrong!  I ended up traveling around the world for 12 years. I was involved in many overseas operations including the Southeast Asia refugee airlifts in the 1970's.  I was also able to live and work in Algeria and Indonesia for short periods of time moving Hadj pilgrims to Mecca in Saudia Arabia.  It was an interesting and life changing period. 
     After the birth of my son I retired my wings and went back to school receiving a credential, and a certificate in Language Development influenced by my world travels.  I was an itinerant ESL teacher for years traveling between different schools in North Co. San Diego. I ended my teaching career as a 1st grade teacher after 18 years.  During this time I worked with many hardworking students, caring parents and dedicated teachers. I still believe, no matter what you hear, that education in the US of A is still alive and well!
     My husband is a horticulturalist and with his help 15 years ago we were able to build a children's garden at my school.  It has received many awards including the National Gardening Award, a National Wildlife Habitat designation, and this year a National Butterfly  Habitat designation.